Sara Kinney - Fox Whistle Farm


Situated on 20 sprawling acres in Owen County, Kentucky, Fox Whistle Farm grows the food that nourishes our neighbors’ bodies and minds. Fox Whistle Farm is tended to and fiercely loved by Sara Kinney, who, after a lengthy and trying period in her life, made the decision to leave Brooklyn and her career in advertising. Sara moved back to her home state of Kentucky and has chosen a lifestyle spent outside in the fresh air with her hands in the dirt as “Farmer Sara” since 2016. At the farm, our priority is to care for those around us—our plants, our animals, the people who support our farm, our community and fellow farmers. In turn, the land cares for all of us, providing us with healthful food that we are proud to share. We’re thankful to be stewards of this land, and are glad to have you with us on this adventure.


Here at SA Farm and Apiaries, we have opted to start our newest venture…. Mushroom Farming. No longer are we only foraging and growing for ourselves as a is time to share "Mush Love”! The Shroomery is a new woman owned and family operated mushroom farming facility located in Clermont County, Ohio. Our Mission is to produce and sell the highest quality gourmet mushrooms, while remaining 100% chemical free. All of our mushrooms are grown in a clean and HEPA filtered year-round indoor growing facility and provide a protein rich, low calorie, low carbohydrates, and a source of fiber and antioxidants.


Hello! May name is Shaucuana Knight, and I own Cora's Cakery. I love what I do and excited to be apart of the Greater Cincinnati area. Baking has always been a hobby that I never truly thought to make a career until August of 2020. I wanted to create something that honored my grandmother Cora Stewart. After her passing in 2016 it was painful to lose someone that was like a mother to me. But I feel that her memories continue to live on through Cora's Cakery. Cora's Cakery is a bakery that strives to provide quality tasting cakes. I am passionate about ensuring that every customer has an Elegant Experience when interacting with Cora's Cakery. I am redefining Elegance as something that everyone can experience.
Breadsmith, Will Bahlman Head Baker


Everything at Breadsmith is preservative free, made fresh daily, by hand, and whatever doesn't get sold is donated to charity. We use traditional, time-honored techniques to produce truly artisan, hand made, high quality loaves of bread. Our flour is milled to our exact specifications, and is not available on retail shelves anywhere in the world. We truly have a different product that stands out.


Hey, I'm Sky White and I created Wendigo Tea Co. for a very simple reason: I want to drink the best teas in the world. The more I learned about the tea business, the more I realized I had to do this to see if others wanted the same thing. I accidentally developed a taste for high quality teas while traveling the planet playing rock and roll. Between every sound check and show, I would find the greatest tea each city had to offer. After 2000+ shows around the world (and 2000+ teas), I knew exactly what I loved and found myself wondering what would happen if a company decided to carry ONLY THE BEST. I also realized that many of the places that had the teas I liked were way more expensive than they should be. Frustrated, I started buying my personal tea from the actual source overseas and shared it with my friends and family. The best teas (that soon became my favorites) can only be ordered and shipped in amounts that are way more than I could use. Thus Wendigo Tea Co. was born…


Bringing people together through art. Customized pieces to suit your unique needs. Jewelry, hats, purses and more!


The delicious, mobile coffee truck that brings you the caffenation inspiration you need. We deliver signature coffee products—like our Nitro Cold Brew and Caramel Frappe—to any occasion or festivity. And for those who don’t like coffee, we have selections featuring our Nitro Lemonade, Hot Chocolate, and Teas.


Julie founded Brandcraft, now Launch Kitchen Brands, after 15 years in the big brand consumer packaged goods industry. Working side by side with corporate teams in Research & Development, Marketing and Sales, Julie saw how big companies innovate and decided to do it better. She started Launch Kitchen Brands with the mission to help small companies accelerate the development of their products and launch them quickly into the marketplace, optimizing along the way. She will be bringing botanical hot sauce, sliced low-carb bread and gluten-free goodies to the market.


Offering African American and Multicultural Childrens Books. With 40 plus years of service, we offer discounted books, providing our customers with the best prices available in the area. In addition to our one on one personalized service, we share our books with the community in schools, churches, and via cultural events.


With Kona Ice, you get to flavor your own Kona shaved ice. That’s right! Our very own Flavorwave makes that possible. You’ll get your Kona from the window of the truck and then off you go to choose as much of as many flavors as you want! Flavor to your heart’s content. In do you - Kona style!